Trucks Load of Gifts

The past few months was a total whirlwind in my household…ballet practices and performances, band practices and performances, auditions and again performances…and yes, all of them plural. I tell you, Mr. Coffee and I have become very good friends! But, I love it all. Yeah, yeah, I complain about it and sigh about it, but at the end of it all, I love every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. I don’t like the waiting and the rushing and the last minute change of plans and the driving in the dark, etc. etc. Still, I love all of it.

I made this as a last minute birthday card that didn’t quite work out. I call it Trucks Load of Gifts. It’s self explanatory, right? I started to put it together but between the laundry and pick ups and drops offs I didn’t finish it on time. I ended up pulling a card from my stash. In the end alls well that ends well, right? But I love the colors, the craft card stock and I had so much fun playing with the markers, I’ve decided I would make a couple more and add it to my emergency stash.

Here’s the finished card.

Here ‘s an up close look.

I stamped the image (from stampin up!) to an 80 lb white card stock, embossed and heat set and colored it with Bic Mark it. Yes, Bic Mark it markers. NOT COPICS. It can be blended, too, but if you do it right, just one color that has been layered carefully will also give you a nice blended look. I then added green textured paper and a bit a glitter pattern paper (Penny Lane) band in the bottom. Another textured paper for the ‘happy birthday’ that was also embossed and attached with eyelets.


About Paula Sayson

scrapbooker, cardmaker, all around chauffeur a.k.a. mom
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