I acquired buster about three years ago when a co-worker had to give him up. I never did understand the reason behind the decision other than her granddaughter and Buster never got along. I kept his name, it cuts down on the confusion. He is the sweetest and smartest thing ever. Of course, this is coming from someone who has spoiled the poor thing rotten that there is absolutely no going back. He is my sleeping buddy and keeps me company when I’m scrapbooking in my 4×4 corner. He is now four years old, quite old in dog years, but to me he will always be one of my babies.


A digital layout this time. I made this a few months back, it might have been a year ago even. I used the free downloadable packet from scrapbook flair for the entire layout. A couple of the pictures on the right side were a little fuzzy but resizing them to a smaller size hides that imperfection. This is a great way to use photos that you normally won’t be able to use in regular scrapbooking or delete all together.


About Paula Sayson

scrapbooker, cardmaker, all around chauffeur a.k.a. mom
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