Halloween stickers

I love halloween. I love the costumes, the cheesy scary movies, the attempts at finding ghosts (again on TV) and the candy. Who wouldn’t love the candies, right?

A year ago I bought a pumpkin and happy halloween stamp set. The last time it saw daylight was the day I bought it. Since then it has stayed hidden underneath my pile of ever growing acrylic stamps.  A few weeks ago, my daughter asked me to make her friends halloween cards. And still, I didn’t take out the stamps but opted to use stickers and patterned papers instead. My daughter wanted 6 different cards, mind you. In the end it worked out pretty well, I finished all 6 cards in half a day.

These are three of the six cards I made. I used K and company Spooktacular stickers, Recollection Haunted Manor patterned paper from Michaels and the Paper Studio stickers from Hobby Lobby on all the cards. So….in summary, the stickers made these cards easy and quick to make and as for my stamp set, it’s still in the drawer somewhere underneath a pile of other acrylic stamps.


About Paula Sayson

scrapbooker, cardmaker, all around chauffeur a.k.a. mom
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