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It’s amazing how far we have come with the aid of technology. There was a time when people kept journals in lovingly preserved books. Each thought, each memory was heartfully penned in it’s pages and was kept secret from everybody else. Your thoughts are your own and nobody else’s.

I remember as a child the pains I took to hide my diary from prying eyes. Ensuring that the pages of the precious book won’t be seen by my siblings or my mother. When I was in high school our english teacher gave us an activity to keep a journal. The very thought of having my teacher read whatever it was I planned to write mortified me. I felt violated.  I was not ready to let her in. I remember the small blue covered notebook which I decorated with red little birds. Red being my favorite color at the same time telling everyone else that I was angry at the idea of writing my thoughts for others to read. I wrote simple factual things in that notebook. What I had for lunch, what we needed to do on a particular day, what I needed to bring, etc. It was a diary allright. But more of a reminder/ schedule book  than anything else. Each time I wrote in it’s pages my hand shook from anger. The nerve! Did she expect me to actually write my whole heart and soul for her to read?! The gall! That term she stopped being my favorite teacher.

I remember her writing a note the first time she checked the notebook. She said I needed to be more creative. I didn’t care. As teenagers would say …. yeah, whatever…. I didn’t care. I was not about to let her know what I felt and how I felt regarding whom or what. The second time she checked it she wrote that I must live a boring life…hohoho!

Don’t get me wrong I love writing. If there was anything I wished more it would be to write a novel. But I wanted to write on my own terms not because I needed to pass a course. Then lo and behold comes blogs. It took me a long time to actually get down and do this. Mainly because of the same reasons. After a lot of thought I realized, I don’t need to write every nitty and gritty detail that happened to me. Blogging is just another way of expressing myself …. and without having to be graded. It dawned on me….blogging is a lot like talking to yourself in front of a mirror. Hah! maybe this will work out after all.


About Paula Sayson

scrapbooker, cardmaker, all around chauffeur a.k.a. mom
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