Frozen Yogurt

A few weeks ago my daughter raided my scrapbook supplies for her project. She needed 15 8×8 pages. This left me with 15 12x8s and 15 4×8 pieces of patterned paper. We all know that this hobby can be quite costly so I try to use every piece of scrap I have until it is reduced to a minuscule piece. It is scrapbooking after all, ha!

So what does one do with all these uniformly cut pieces of paper? Make a layout of course!

I was lucky enough that she used coordinating pattern papers that piecing them to make a 12×12 page was easy.

Here’s a closer look:

The fonts were cut using my slice die cutter. Luv that small gadget. Quite handy. I used two cardstocks on each letter to mimic chipboard and covered the top with glitter glue. Even the butterflies were stamped and embossed on scrap patterned paper and embellished with bling to give it some interest. Didn’t I mention I also try to be frugal … very frugal?

Here are a couple more close-up look:

I typed my journaling on the computer and printed it on patterned paper. For added interest, fonts and ink colors are mixed and matched.

The background were pieced together and doodlebug and K & Company borders were added too.

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The loveliest thing happened this morning. I opened google reader where I have all the blogs I follow and clicked on Nichol Magouirk’s site and what do I see…My name was picked as winner for the Echo Park paper pack giveaway! Isn’t that wonderful or what! I can’t wait to make a few yummy things with those yummy papers.







I have learned a ton of techniques from Nichol. She just makes some of the best layouts I have seen and when I actually tried it myself, I found that her ‘style’ actually saves me on paper. And I can spreadout my favorite papers on many projects.

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Trucks Load of Gifts

The past few months was a total whirlwind in my household…ballet practices and performances, band practices and performances, auditions and again performances…and yes, all of them plural. I tell you, Mr. Coffee and I have become very good friends! But, I love it all. Yeah, yeah, I complain about it and sigh about it, but at the end of it all, I love every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. I don’t like the waiting and the rushing and the last minute change of plans and the driving in the dark, etc. etc. Still, I love all of it.

I made this as a last minute birthday card that didn’t quite work out. I call it Trucks Load of Gifts. It’s self explanatory, right? I started to put it together but between the laundry and pick ups and drops offs I didn’t finish it on time. I ended up pulling a card from my stash. In the end alls well that ends well, right? But I love the colors, the craft card stock and I had so much fun playing with the markers, I’ve decided I would make a couple more and add it to my emergency stash.

Here’s the finished card.

Here ‘s an up close look.

I stamped the image (from stampin up!) to an 80 lb white card stock, embossed and heat set and colored it with Bic Mark it. Yes, Bic Mark it markers. NOT COPICS. It can be blended, too, but if you do it right, just one color that has been layered carefully will also give you a nice blended look. I then added green textured paper and a bit a glitter pattern paper (Penny Lane) band in the bottom. Another textured paper for the ‘happy birthday’ that was also embossed and attached with eyelets.

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I acquired buster about three years ago when a co-worker had to give him up. I never did understand the reason behind the decision other than her granddaughter and Buster never got along. I kept his name, it cuts down on the confusion. He is the sweetest and smartest thing ever. Of course, this is coming from someone who has spoiled the poor thing rotten that there is absolutely no going back. He is my sleeping buddy and keeps me company when I’m scrapbooking in my 4×4 corner. He is now four years old, quite old in dog years, but to me he will always be one of my babies.


A digital layout this time. I made this a few months back, it might have been a year ago even. I used the free downloadable packet from scrapbook flair for the entire layout. A couple of the pictures on the right side were a little fuzzy but resizing them to a smaller size hides that imperfection. This is a great way to use photos that you normally won’t be able to use in regular scrapbooking or delete all together.

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Halloween stickers

I love halloween. I love the costumes, the cheesy scary movies, the attempts at finding ghosts (again on TV) and the candy. Who wouldn’t love the candies, right?

A year ago I bought a pumpkin and happy halloween stamp set. The last time it saw daylight was the day I bought it. Since then it has stayed hidden underneath my pile of ever growing acrylic stamps.  A few weeks ago, my daughter asked me to make her friends halloween cards. And still, I didn’t take out the stamps but opted to use stickers and patterned papers instead. My daughter wanted 6 different cards, mind you. In the end it worked out pretty well, I finished all 6 cards in half a day.

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A New Beginning

I created this blog years ago and have only managed to put three entries in it. Pathetic really. So much for moving with technology. In the past couple of  years I have started writing a novel and in the spring of this year, I started scrapbooking and making cards. I’ve decided the time is ripe to begin blogging again on these new hobbies. In the meatime, here is a scrapbook page I created a while back.

I created this digi page last year. I was bored out of my mind one weekend last year and decided to visit the park just on a whim. It’s amazing what one thinks of when one does not have enough to do. The park is quite a drive away but it was a day well spent.

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Oh no, Tornado!!!!!

As a child I viewed tornadoes as magical tunnels of wind that will carry one off to a far-away place with tiny people, a singing lion and a metal man with a shiny, silvery face as I have seen in the movie Wizard of Oz. In the movie Twister tornadoes were treated as sport-slash-experiment where men ran after these tunnel of winds all over the country side. Things were destroyed, but everybody lived nonetheless.

Twelve years ago I moved to the south and learned that tornadoes were as common as grits and country ham. They were not confined to Kansas with Dorothy and Toto. The weather forecast became as important as the headline news in my living room every six o’clock.

Along with the grits and country ham the south is also famous for it’s hot, balmy summers preceeded by springs laden with pollen that zooms through in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately with the heat come tornadoes. As the cooler air from God knows where – we always blame Canada – collide with the hot gulf air a great fiesta in the heavens ensue. The sky turn a depressing shade of purple. Thick dark clouds form and roll. Then comes the pelting rain, hale, lightning, thunder and……tornadoes. Like a well practiced drill my children know that when the sirens blare we run for the closet, cover our heads and don’t come out until the sirens fall silent. No one talks as every ear fervently listen to the sounds from outside. Hoping against hope there will be no touchdowns. Your heart pumps a steady rhythm and slowly accelerates that each beat hammers in your throat. Your mind runs a marathon of innumerable what if’s. Rain falls in great torrents. The wind whips, you hear loud cracks, thunder booms in succession and you wonder when it will ever end. Each minute feels as if multiplied ten folds. The destruction these monters leave is indescribable in magnitude.

Tornadoes kill. Not just lives. It kill’s dreams…it’s devastating, almost debilitating. But with disaster comes hope. Time and time again I have seen communities come together and lend the biggest helping hand one could ever imagine. Good souls come out of the woodwork offering consolation in every way, form and fashion. The river of compassion abounds it’s as overwhelming as the storm itself.  Then the unnerving task of rebuilding comes…not just of homes but of lives as well.

Yesterday, as I was driving home on the interstate the skies took on an all too familiar purple shade. The wind was blowing strong I took extra effort to keep my van straight. As soon as I got home I turned on the television. We’re in for a bad thunderstorm….no tornadoes this time…the air had been cool all day. Nature won’t be having its fiesta. Looks like we’ll be fine this time around.

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